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Earning T4 troops

I understand having to earn T4 troops. What I don't fully understand is the threshold levels and the sequence.

T4 Calvary at HR 25 that's ok but why cavalry and not infantry? Seems backwards. Calvary die to fast.

HR26 at 200 or higher T4 Ranged

HR 27 at 100 or higher for T4 infantry 

I question the top 100 and top 200 only when there are 4,863 accounts on this server and only 100 accounts have access to T4 infantry troops? Which at present is in excess of 9 million honor points. If 5,784,833 or whatever gets you HR25 why not just set honor points so the others have access to the T4 troops. Oh well, 2 million more honor points to go!


  • LadyMelissa (US1)LadyMelissa (US1) Member Posts: 5
    Looked today and there are 7,539 accounts on the server and only 200 of them can train T4 Archers and only 100 of then can train T4 Infantry. Percentage wise that's pretty poor odds. Top 100 threshold is 8.62 million honor points. Well above the 5,784,883 points cut off to start the top 200 and top 100 count downs.

    Even if you upgrade T3 troops it will only do so much. Who can afford gems to heal T5 troops? You need the T4's to compete. 
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