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Arenas for street fighting tournaments:

Great game:
Only one problem. Stronger players are forced to prey on weaker players to grow. This discourages, new blood in game, and in any game like this, you don't want to discourage new joins to game. In fact, it promotes weaker players to quit game.

Just a thought: Suggest you open up arenas for street-fighting tournaments where players can opt to participate, or not, in street fighting. Open it up in every world. Coins and Honor for rewards, especially rewarding for new joins. This reduces straight up Castle hits, and allows for players to have fun on a one-to-one basis.

If you want to have a good business plan, don't discourage new players and force strong players from preying on the weak. Just a thought.

Love the dragon tournaments, too. That's the NPC to player tournament. 


  • verity (US1)verity (US1) Member Posts: 20
    the idea of street fight being open to those who want to participate is a good one.  even if other players in your alliance aren't playing at the time you can still pick up honor.  you get good honor from street fights and it takes less time.
    also the game is making a mistake by allowing everyone to give up their honor so they cant be hit. what is the point of the game.  legends of honor really the thing is the HONOR.   come on play the gaMe right or DON'T PLAY
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