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A lot is going on in Legends of Honor this week.
From improved defenses and weekly events in the Chivalry Tournament to the option to directly attack your opponents on the world map. There should be something for everyone of you to look forward to. And we're also tossing in a lot of UI and gameplay improvements and bugfixes! Read on for the full patch notes: 


  • Strengthen your defenses!
    • Your Gatehouse, Wall and Towers have been reinforced. Their hit points were increased significantly.
    • Two new premium buildings are introduced, giving you more possibilities to improve your defense:
      • Stronghold - increases your castle's hit points
      • Watchtower - delays enemy attacks by increasing preparation time
  • Weekly events arrive to the Chivalry Tournament!
    • Ready for Lady Eleanor's new challenges? Weekly events await at the Chivalry Tournament!
    • Earn Tournament Medals in daily events in order to qualify for higher rewards in the weekly events.
    • Weekly events feature their own ranking, showing you exactly how you're performing compared to your closest rivals.

User Interface / Gameplay

  • Direct attack movements on the world map
    • From now on, you can send your heroes to walk up to their enemy and attack them right away!
    • Clicking the attack button will make your hero move next to the designated target and open the attack preparation dialog as soon as they arrive.
    • Even if the target is moving, your hero will follow them and commence to attack if possible.
    • The automatic movement may be cancelled by clicking the "Cancel traveling" button or leaving the world map of the respective zone.
  • Decorations as event rewards
    • Decorations may from now on become available as rewards for existing and upcoming events.
    • Exclusive decoration rewards have been added to the Chivalry Tournament.
    • Achieved decorations will automatically be added to the inventory of your castle within the High Kingdom.
  • Options
    • The animated battle recap can now be deactivated from the options menu, enabling you to move on immediately after any battle is over.
    • Loot bubbles may be deactivated, skipping the loot animation.

  • Assigning units
    • While on the world map, a new assign button becomes available on the ring menu of your own castle. Simply click your castle and the assignment process can start!
  • Recruitment
    • The recruitment window now shows highest class units first, making it easier to recruit only the strongest troops.
    • If you choose to recruit lower class units instead, the game will remember the previously selected page of units throught your session (up until next reload/login).
  • Battle report
    • The loot display in battle reports has been adjusted. Two lines now summarize the spoils of war in a more detailed way, showing Hero XP and earned gems first, resources second.
    • Honor is removed from the top summary as it can be found within the spoils of war section.
  • Repair
    • The ring menu now stays active after clicking on the repair button, to enable further interation with the respective building, e.g. to skip the repair process immediately.
  • Honor prediction
    • When engaging in a battle with another player, the game will now notify you not only about potential honor loss, but also if you would get low amounts of honor due to your target being lower level than yourself.
  • Decorations
    • Happiness of all decorations in the build menu is now shown directly, without having to click the info-button.
  • Retreat
    • Even if a hero has no loot, the game will always ask if you would like to retreat or walk back to your own castle once the retreat button is used on the world map.
  • Sliders
    • All ingame sliders have been reworked so that you may also set the slider position by clicking anywhere within the slider bar instead of having to drag the slider bar to that position manually.


  • Castle Defense
    • Hit points of Wall, Gatehouse and Towers have been increased significantly.

As always, please leave any feedback or questions in the DISCUSSION THREAD.

Your LoH Team

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