Update: 21.01.2016

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Greetings Legends! Just wanted to let you guys know about a little bugfix we are doing in a little bit. I will not open a discussion since this is a small one, but feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

What is happening? Can you see your Alliance members battling on the horizon?! Word has it they could use some help! Go, join them, now!

Today's update mostly a technical one, but we're also adding information about alliance battles to your personal HUD! Read on to see how this feature will work:

User Interface / Gameplay

  • Attack notification for Alliance attacks
    • Nothing better to foster Alliance bonds than facing a mutual enemy, right? From now on you will be notified once your Alliance members are engaging in battles, enabling you to jump right into the fray!
    • Notifications about Alliance attacks are shown in the action panel of each Alliance member.
    • Two conditions need to be met in order for notifications to be shown: the respective member needs to be within movement range and in preparation phase.
    • Alliance notifications are displayed in a different color to easily distinguish between your friends' and your own incoming attacks.


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