Update: 26.01.2016

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Greetings, legendary heroes! The true measure of a hero is how far they are willing to go to protect those close to them.

Ready yourself for some great news regarding support, and some useful upgrades to the UI. Assisting your faction will now be made even more worthwhile, and there will be new ways to acquire powerful tools. Read on for the full patch notes:


  • Get rewarded for sending support!

    • You will now receive XP for your hero, as well as honor, for supporting alliance members in attacks and defense. We heard you!
    • High Level players will receive a warning if they stand to lose honor or get less honor supporting allies in their battles against lower level foes.

User Interface / Gameplay

  • Tooltips on decorations
    • From now on, happiness will be shown on decorations  when you hover over them with the mouse, and you can easily see an effect of one or another decoration/house on the overall happiness level.
  • Full screen mode
    • There will now be an option to play in full screen mode that will be found in the top right settings menu. You can enjoy our game without any disruptions.

World Map

  • Clickable compass
    • Clicking on the compass at the center of the world map will now transfer you back to your castle with just one click.


  • Chivalry Tournaments

    • There will be some adjustments made to the rewards for weekly events in the Chivalry Tournament.
You can give us your feedback on the update HERE!

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