need me?

while i was playing yesterday i went to help one of my fellow members,and was told to go back to me castle cuz i was not good enough.ive only been playing for a couple of weeks and still have some questions.


  • SmokeyAnon (US1)SmokeyAnon (US1) Member Posts: 347
    Hey join us if you are bears... If you got any questions ask me in the forums or in the game.. My forum name is the same thing as my in game name :)
    Hello, My name is Smokey. Private Message me if you need anything within the game. PS: I don't work for the company.
  • Raffles (US1)Raffles (US1) Member Posts: 335

    I don't know what the situation was, but there is a limit to how many heroes can support a member in battle. If the attack is a strong one, weaker players should stand aside and let those who have enough power to turn the tide of battle be the ones to join in the defense.

    Your teammates should have explained this to you instead of telling you to go home.

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