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Do you have what it takes to strike Fear in the hearts of your enemies and make the bravest warriors cower at the mention of your name? Show marauders, dark warriors and mountain raiders who's boss and instill awe in those who seek to subjugate you and your allies.

This week's update brings some improvements in regards to performance and will reward those who not only manage to keep their player enemies at bay but also rid the lands of NPC foes! Find the full patch notes below:


  • Make NPCs tremble in Fear!
    • From now on every player can earn Fear from attacks on NPC enemies. This system provides more incentive for PVE-orientated tasks, such as gathering resources through NPCs.

    • The mechanics of the reputation system are very similar to the Honor system. The amount of Fear earned is shown in battle reports and there is a Fear ranking to let all in the kingdom know about your reputation in battle. Furthermore Fear is available as a reward within the Chivalry Tournament.

    • The overall amount of Fear is displayed in both the reputation and player info windows. Fear will be subject to a daily decrease once a certain level is reached.

    • You can find two new quests related to the Fear feature in your quests book.

  • Rewards for achieving higher Fear ranks
    • As with Honor, you can also get additional bonuses and rewards by upgrading your rank within the Fear system.

    • There are additional rewards for each rank achieved, and this can all be tracked in the reputation menu.

    • The rewards include increased resource production, XP bonuses and many more.

User Interface / Gameplay

  • Mountain Raiders' appearance
    • There are 4 additional appearance levels for the Mountain Raiders. This will make it easier to distinguish between higher and lower level NPCs while roaming the world map.


  • New rewards for Honor ranks

    • Some of the Honor rank rewards were reworked to become more valuable.

  • Fear in Chivalry tournament
    • The objective to attack NPC's in the Chivalry Tournament has now been updated. Earning Fear through attacks on NPC's is now how you earn points in the tournament.


  • Performance optimizations
    • We're of course always looking to improve the game's performance. Some optimizations were made in order to accommodate recent issues.

Go ahead and post any feedback or questions you might have in THIS DISCUSSION.


Your LoH CM Team

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