~ Dragon Swarm ~ NOW HAS OPEN DOORS !

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Hello Everyone ,  For those that are unfamiliar with the new Empire game called : LEGENDS of  HONER  it is just basically an newer updated version with better graphics of  Empire by Goodgame ,  So now its that time for an ALL NEW ALLIANCE in a ALL NEW GAME,
All levels are welcome , So why not come join one of the best upcoming top-dogs in the game : Dragon Swarm you can find us at :
GoodgameStudios.com  click on Legends of Honer and once your started lookup / join the Alliance :   Dragon Swarm 
Thank you for looking & Good luck      Sandman    P.S I can see some of the Empire players enjoying a 2nd game with Legends of Honer.   From world map Just search my name :   sandman_732    send a message & We will send an invite.
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    I com from dragon spawn and I think it would help us both if we were allies if you agree then tell unforgivenone or Ann the 1st tell them I asked u ok
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