Update 16.02

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Through stormy weather and adverse conditions, with the right tools and great spirit your alliance will overcome even the greatest obstacles. Get ready to welcome new recruits and to foster their way up to becoming an invaluable asset of your alliance. 

This week's update incorporates several performance improvements, bugfixes, a time challenge for new players, the option to send heroes to support allies from afar and several other enhancements. Please find the full patch notes below:


  • Supporting from a distance
    • We recently introduced the possibility to command attacks from afar and have your hero walk to the enemy automatically to start an attack.
    • From now on you may now also issue a support command for your hero to approach your ally and join the battle as soon as he arrives.
    • Mechanics are similar to those for remote battle commands: changing to castle view will cancel the movement of your hero on the world map, and attack preparation menus are triggered as soon as your hero arrives to the tile where the combat is to take place.
  • Leadership contest for new players
    • New recruits will come in faster than ever, be prepared to welcome them into your own alliance ranks!
    • A special Leadership contest is now proposed to new players as soon as they finish the tutorial, rallying them to level up as fast as they can.
    • These players are given a time frame to reach a specific higher level in order for them to receive additional rewards.

 User Interface / Gameplay

  • Demolish premium buildings
    • You may now choose to demolish some of the premium buildings in the rare case that you no longer want one of these buildings to take up space in your castle
    • Be warned, however, demolishing premium buildings will not refund any resources or Gems.
    • The following buildings are affected by this change: Bakery, Honor Beacon, Training Ground, Watchtower and Stronghold.
  • Loot bubbles
    • If there were more than 5 looted objects previously, not all of them could be displayed properly. Now all loot will be displayed in an orderly fashion.
  • Grade 3 unit boosters in hero panel and battle preparation
    • Grade 3 tools can now be purchased from the hero panel and battle preparation screens in addition to the Traveling Blacksmith dialogs. This makes the usability of boosters more comfortable and faster.
    • This feature will only be available during the Traveling Blacksmith event.
  • Reward tooltips
    • Tooltips for rewards in events now have clearer explanations as to what the rewards are and what they can be used for, shedding some light on your potential next big acquisition.


  • Food supply for unit rewards
    • Whenever units are given to you as a reward for successfully taking part in some of our events, they will now be equipped with enough food to last a couple of hours without starving.
    • Even if your existing troops have devoured all your food reserves, new arrivals will be prepared to give you some time to go on the hunt for and stock up on some more food.
    • This food supply will not be shown in any of the reward windows, but granted as soon as the troops arrive in your castle.
  • Honor rank rewards
    • Honor rank rewards have been improved to keep their attractiveness on par with fear rank rewards.
  • Chivalry Tournament - rewards
    • Rewards for weekly Chivalry Tournament events have been adjusted to always offer a decoration as reward for the best players in each ranking.
  • Chivalry Tournament - level brackets
    • Highest level brackets of the Chivalry Tournaments have been merged for the time being in order to accomplish more competition for high level players (introduced with a hotfix earlier this week). .


  • Several small performance improvements
    • Several code segments have been reworked in order to take further steps towards improving the game's performance.

As always, feel free to leave any feedback or questions about this latest update in THIS DISCUSSION.


Your LoH Team

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