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Countless brave warriors have paid the ultimate price and laid down their lives in the quest for the crown. Many others have been wounded in battles, but still have the burning desire to return to the fight and crush their enemies. Before these men would have perished, but thanks to some wise elders the Hospital is now here to heal your troops and get them back in action quickly. 

This weeks update will include some optimization to improve performance, some balancing tweaks and most importantly the introduction of our newest building - The Hospital. Take a look below for all the details. 


  • Hospital
    • Will be available to build in all three kingdoms for Gems. Your wounded troops will be able to return to the fight quicker than new recruits can be trained.
    • Troops wounded during the defense of your castle will automatically be admitted to the Hospital, but those hurt in battles on the world map will have to endure the trip home before getting treated.
    • The amount of wounded troops will be reflected on the Battle Report, and they will not consume food.
    • The wounded will only be admitted to the hospital if there is space. When it is is full, the injured will sadly succumb to their wounds.
    • There will be 16 levels available now, with more to come in the future.
    • There are a limited amount of spots to treat the wounded, but this number can be increased with each upgrade.
    • Your most powerful and valuable troops will have priority to be healed, but you always have the option to remove them to make space for others.
    • The healing process does take time, but this can of course be instantly skipped with Gems.
    • The building can not be demolished once built.

User Interface / Gameplay
  • Kingdom Tutorials
    • Once a player reached the minimum level required to unlock a new kingdom, a short tutorial will appear in castle view that will prepare the warrior for the challenges that await.

  • Rework of Tier III Unit Boosters
    • Tier IIII Unit Boosters will now provide a reputation boost, making them much more valuable.
    • This boost to Honor and Fear is in addition to the normal effects of the boosters.

  • Use of Unit Boosters
    • The use of Unit Boosters was reworked so less booster will be used in battle.

  • Preparations for Optimization
    • Several segments of code have been reworked in order to continue to improve the overall performance of the game.
As always, go ahead and leave any feedback or questions in THIS DISCUSSION.


Your LoH Team

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