Update: 17.09

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Greetings Legends, The servers are currently down for a global update. This will introduce our first ever event, the option to change factions and private messaging. For more information, please read the patch notes below.


  • NEW EVENT - Resource Merchant
    • Gregorio, the Resource Merchant is setting up his camp in front of your castle and offering only the finest goods in the whole kingdom. His stay is limited, so make sure you get everything you need before he leaves again!
    • Gregorio offers you resources, resource packages, a complete refill of your storage and even coins. All he asks in return is some precious Gems.
    • Resource packages scale with player level to enable useful offers for all level ranges.
    • The Resource Merchant event is a temporary event, departing and returning every so often.

  • Message System
    • Do you have news to share with other players in your alliance? Words that need sharing with your enemy or random strangers that you met on the world map? Now you can send private messages to other players!
    • The message window has been reworked to show 2 tabs - messages and reports.
    • The message tab contains player messages and system messages. Battle reports go into the reports tab.
    • Both tabs offer a filter to sort messages by sender or attack/defense report respectively.
    • From the message window or any player information, you can choose to compose new messages and send them right away.

  • Faction change
    • Did you realize that the faction you swore your oath to does not meet your expectations? Think you're more of a Bear than a Lion? Do you want to join your friend's alliance in order to become the mightiest alliance on the server but you chose the wrong faction? Fear not! You can now change your faction!
    • Changing your faction is now possible from your personal player profile (clicking your level will get you there).
    • Faction changes happen instantly, however, a cooldown is triggered and you will have to wait 24 hours before you can change your faction again.
    • If you change your faction, your honor is reset and you will have to regain your standing with your new faction. You also automatically abandon your current alliance when the faction change is performed.


  • Adjustments in early gameplay
    • Several balancing changes have been made in order to provide a smoother transition to higher levels:
      • Construction times for buildings have been adjusted in early levels.
      • Quests and dependencies in early levels have been reworked.
Feel free to post any feedback or questions you might have in our discussion thread here. I will let you know as soon as you can try out these new features.



  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
    Hey legends, The update is done, and you can now return to your castles. Go forth and conquer!

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