Update: 03.03.2016

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The escalating war in the kingdoms has only served to drive the Lion, Bear and Dragon Factions further apart. With the growing hatred comes more Honor for letting your enemies die for their cause.The villains littering our lands will also learn what Fear really is. 

This weeks update will introduce a brand new Honor Event, premium building to increase Fear, Happiness for premium buildings and some useful interface and gameplay upgrades. We of course continue to work on improving the overall performance of the game. Continue reading below for more details. 


  • Faction War
    • A new event camp awaits you in front of your castle. During this event there will be an Honor boost for attacking a specific Faction. This will encourage cooperation between Factions.
    • The targeting system works like a circle so no Faction will have to face the two others at once.
    • If you change Factions during the event, you will have the same target as your new Faction.
    • You can locate targets in the event menu. Just to be clear, the Honor Boost is only active during the event.

  • New Building - The Fear Monument
    • Would you like to increase the Fear gained when attacking villains? You can now build a Fear Monument that will do just that!
    • Just like the Honor Beacon, the Fear Monument is a premium building with several upgrade stages.
    • Each upgrade stage increases the amount of Fear gained in successful battles.
    • This premium building cannot be demolished, but it cannot be damaged in battle.

  • New Decorations
    • There will be some new decorations available in the game:
      • Clock tower
      • Apple orchard
      • Legend's stone
      • Freedom obelisk
      • Champion of the people

 User Interface / Gameplay

  • Doubleclick With Right Mouse Button
    • Controlling your Hero just got easier! You can send them straight to a chosen tile by double-clicking the right mouse button on it.
    • You can also activate an attack or support from afar by double-clicking the right mouse button on the Castle, Hero or Battle.

  • Pop Up for Honor Loss
    • This will prevent Honor being lost by mistake when attacking lower level players.
    • Players will be warned with an additional pop up message if they stand to lose Honor in a battle

  • Visible Castle Defense
    • From now on you can see the defensive power of all enemy castles by hovering over it with your mouse.

  • New Art for Building Levels
    • To improve the overall look and visual variety of the game, the following buildings levels have been updated:
      • Walls, Towers, Gate: levels 4 and 5
      • Sulfur mine and Refinery: levels 2 to 5
      • House, Farmhouse, Stone quarry, Barracks: levels 4 to 10
      • Forge, Iron works: levels 2 to 5


  • Happiness for The Premium Buildings
    • Happiness will be added to  some premium buildings.
    • You can improve the level of the Happiness by upgrading the building. The amount of Happiness will be displayed in the building dialog.


  • Preparations for Optimization
    • We are continuing to rework code segments to improve the performance of the game.
As always, leave any feedback or questions regarding this update in HERE.
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    Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know there will be a short hotfix in a couple of hours to fix some little issues with the latest update. The downtime should be minimal.

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