Update 17.03

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There are two things I know to be true of all warriors. They are very impatient, and enjoy free gifts just as much as stolen loot. 

This weeks update will introduce a Daily Login Bonus, and some other minor changes. Continue reading below for more details. 


  • Daily Login Bonus
    • Get ready to receive Rewards just for playing!
    • From now on you will get a Daily Login Bonus once a day for entering the game.
    • A player can only receive 28 Rewards per month. The Daily Bonus menu will not appear once the player has reached the monthly limit.
    • There will be different sets of Rewards based on your current level in the game.

Some rewards for low level players

 User Interface / Gameplay

  • New Art for Building Levels
    • To improve the overall look and visual variety of the game, the following buildings levels have been updated:
      • Armory: levels 4 to 10
      • Watchtower: level 2 to 5
  • Ice Storm Mountains map
    • A parallax effect has been added to the Storm Mountains map in order to make it more pleasing to the eye.

  • Feedback Box Improvement (only for German, English and Polish)
    • The Feedback Box will now be broken down into two parts.
    • The first part is still a place for you to share your Feedback with us.
    • The other part will now contain the following text "This is not support - Click link below if you have problems".
    • This will reduce the amount of requests for technical assistance being missent, and help you get help quicker.


  • Hero XP
    • Hero XP is now available to buy in the Hero menu.
    • You can simply press the "+" button found next to the current XP of your Hero to choose the amount of points you want to add.
    • The amount of Xp that can be added will be limited.


  • Preparations for Optimization
    • We have updated some background processes in order to continue to improve overall game performance.

The update is currently planned for 1500CET today, and there will be some downtime. As always, go ahead and leave any feedback or questions in HERE.




  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
    Quick update guys, the time will be moved up to around 1330CET =)

  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
    Hey guys, Seems the update caused a bug that made some of the heroes get stuck. We are deploying a bugfix update for that right now to get them ummmm un-stuck.

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