New Alliance Royal Quadrum is looking for Members

Royal Quadrum is a Dragon Alliance who is seeking serious active players. Allied with Royal Assault and Quadrum Excolo.
Retired Military most welcomed. Proud member of Aegis.


  • klacman99 (US1)klacman99 (US1) Member Posts: 4
    I'm not retired military but feel like it. Getting attacked daily by rogue players. Guess you can't play for fun in this game. If you're alone then you're a target. Can I join you? Thanks.
  • Join RQ. Good friends who have each others backs from the start. Glad to be allied with them, join them for honor and fun!!!
  • fuggett (US1)fuggett (US1) Member Posts: 37
    I'm just curious here, everyone complains about the rogues (and yes I'm one) but no one ever complains about aegis, and they are just as bad or worse, what's the catch here??lol (and I'm retired military)
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