Update: 06.04 - Research 101

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Winning wars is about much more than the size and strength of your army. True dynasties have relied on brains just as much as brawn to rule their lands. There are whispers in the lands of brilliant minds that can greatly influence the winds of war given the proper resources.

This weeks update introduces the University building, reworked Fear Quests, kingdom picker on Recruitment screen, game sounds, and some optimizations to improve performance. Continue reading below for more information.


  • NEW BUILDING: The University is Now Open for Research
    • The University can be built and upgraded with resources in your main castle in the High Kingdom.
    • There will only be Economic Research available now, with Military coming soon!
    • The Economy Skill Tree will include Technologies to increase Production of Resources, Food and Coins.
    • Research can be started with Resources, and the time remaining can be skipped using Gems.

  • Music is now available in the game!

 User Interface / Gameplay

  • Kingdom Selection on Recruitment Screen
    • You can now select which kingdom you would like to Recruit Troops and Produce Tools in directly from the Recruitment/Production screen.
    • This eliminates the need to switch between kingdoms to Recruit and Produce, saving you time to fight!

  • Fear Quests in Ice Storm Mountains and Dark Marshes Have Been Reworked
    • The Fear Quests have been reworked in these kingdoms to provide more challenge, and better rewards.
    • More Fear is now required to complete the Quests.

  • New Art for Storehouse Building Levels 4 - 10


Preparations for Optimization
  • We are implementing 3 new optimizations this week to improve server performance.

As always, feel free to leave any feedback or questions in the DISCUSSION THREAD. Happy hunting..... and learning!



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