Should I NOT use boosters when attacking marauders?

Should I instead save them for attacking castles and defending my castle?


  • BornToGo (US1)BornToGo (US1) Member Posts: 24
    well your castle seems to hold an unlimited amount of boosts so I say build up a stock pile.  I try to keep enough defensive boosts to hold of at least 2 attacks or more and enough attack boosts for a number of attacks.  I use tier 1 boosts for hitting marauders and tier 2 or 3 for other players.  Also dont forget to raise up the level of your boosts it does help.   -BTG
  • Raffles (US1)Raffles (US1) Member Posts: 335

    When I was lower level, I found that I was using all of my resources on unit booster production because of using them to hunt marauders, so I quit using them. I found that the advantage in terms of troop survival was not worth the expense in resources, which I would rather have used to build and upgrade my castle structures.

    When you get to the point that you are keeping your storage building full of wood and stone all the time, do as Born To Go suggests and start stockpiling boosters - it costs nothing to keep or carry them, and can help you with defense and attack when burning is in the balance.

  • T Gautham (INT1)T Gautham (INT1) Member Posts: 53
    I never bother about them much.I keep them with my second hero who I use to attack others the most.I never found myself lose all my money on them
  • kapn_jack (US1)kapn_jack (US1) Member Posts: 62
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    ..i use 'em whenever needed ..whether its a close battle with a player or a villain ..use 'em man
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