Update: 20.04.16 - A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

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In the darkest of hours, even the bravest of heroes need a shoulder to lean on. Bonds made in the chaos of war can sometimes be stronger than those of blood. Who will you stand with in your time of need?

This weeks update introduces the Friends Invite feature, new Rewards steps for the Alliance Chivalry Tournament, and more optimizations to improve performance. Continue reading below for more information.


  • Earn Rewards for Inviting Friends to Play
    • This will be available once you have reached level 10
    • There will also be a new Quest that can be completed once you have a friend that has reached Level 10.
    •  When your Friends reach certain Levels, you will receive Rewards in your main castle in High Kingdom. You can track your progress in the Friend Invite window. 
    • The Invites will be sent to your Friends via email.
    • The Invite button is located on the bar above the chat screen to the left of the Ranking button.
    • Please keep in mind that you will one receive the Rewards when your Friend signs up on the same server as you.

  • New: Prime Sales
    • There will be new Prime Sales available on the right hand part of the screen where the Special Offers are now located.
    • While the Offer is live, you will be able to to improve your Premium Buildings and Objects (i.e. Unit Boosters, Iron Packages) at a significant discount.
    • All of the information you need regarding the purchase can be found in the Event Window, including the purchase price, object name, and amount of Gems saved. 

 User Interface / Gameplay

  • New Reward Steps For Alliance Point Events
    • Four new Reward steps have been added to all Alliance Point Events.
    • This means there will be more Rewards available for your whole Alliance during the Tournaments.

  • In-Game Notifications Have Been Added
    • It is now possible to get notifications via a small window on the game screen.
    • This will be used to announce real time events in the game, but will be expanded upon in the future.

  • Hero Xp Information
    • The "+" button for adding Hero XP will no longer be available.
    • Instead, you can now click on the XP Progress Bar in order to purchase XP for your Hero.

  • Building Production Status
    • When production buildings are inactive, there will now be an action bubble containing "Zzz.." to make it easier to see when the buildings are not in use.
    • This is only active for the following Buildings right now: Barracks, Smithy, Armory, Workshop, University and Hospital.

  • Complete All Button for Recruitment
    • A Complete All button is now implemented in the Recruitment menu.
    •  This button is located on the bottom of the menu screen.

  • New Art for Dark Warriors
    • There are now 4 different level looks for the Dark Warriors in the Dark Marshes Kingdom.


  • Further Work on Improving Overall Performance
    • The LoH team continues to work on optimizations on both the server and client sides in order to improve the overall performance of the game. 

As always, leave any questions or feedback in HERE.


Your LoH CM Team


  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
    Hey guys, The update has been pushed to tomorrow morning around 1000CET. I will of course keep you guys posted.

  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
    Hey guys, Update will go live in a few minutes.

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