Update: 27.04.2016 - Leaders are Made, Not Born

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In order to survive in this war torn world, Alliances must be formed. For an Alliance to succeed, every member must understand and accept their individual roles. Are you ready to make the necessary sacrifices for the greater good?

This weeks update introduces Alliance Ranks, new art, and some changes to Recruitment and Production. Continue reading below for more information.


  • NEW: Alliance Ranks

    • Two new Alliance Ranks will be available: Deputy and Diplomat.

    • Alliance Deputies can change the Alliance name, description, announcements, and also change the rank of diplomats and members.

    • Alliance Diplomats will be introduced in the future, and will have the ability to change diplomatic status and write mass messages.

    • Alliance Leaders will now be able to easily retire and leave their throne to a desired successor.

 User Interface / Gameplay

  • Instant Building: Now With Resources!

    • You can now Upgrade buildings even when you do not have the required amount of Resources.

    • The price of an Instant Skip now includes any resources you lack to complete the construction. For example you have 5000 Stone, but need 7000 for the Upgrade. If you use the Skip button, you will automatically receive the Resources needed without having to visit the Resource Trader.

  • Building Art

    • To improve the overall look and visual variety of the game, the following building levels have been updated aesthetically:
      • Treasury: Levels 1 to 5

      • Town house: Levels 4 to 10


  • Quest Order

    • The Quest system will be reworked.

    • The more important a Quest is for a certain level, the higher the chances are of it being recommended.

    • If you skip recommended Quests at a previous level, there is a chance that they will not be recommended again.


  • Test: Battle Animation Dialogue

    • In order to improve performance, we will conduct a test with the battle animations.

    • One group of players will still get the battle animation dialogue window, and the second will not.

    • This only effects the pop up dialogue that appears directly after a battle is over, and not the actual animation of your Heroes on the World Map.

  • Preparations for Optimization

    • We are implementing some World Map optimizations this week to improve server performance.

Feel free to post any thoughts or questions about this update in HERE.


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    Update is going on right now, should be done in around 30 minutes.

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