Update: 30.09

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Lords, Ladies!

We can tell that some of you have worked hard to gain recognition within your faction and ultimately within the kingdom! Congratulations on all your new titles and privileges, well done!

With this week's update, we won't shift your attention just yet, as we're mainly focusing on bug fixes, as well as interface changes and gameplay optimizations. Find the list of changes below:

User Interface / Gameplay

  • Warning about honor loss
    • The warning about honor loss when attacking a lower level player is now displayed in red, making it more visible.

  • Hero movement paths
    • Hero movement paths have returned!
    • A line will show you the start and end point of each hero's movement, so you can always follow their every step.

  • Obstacle indicators on world map
    • Marauders and enemy heroes are roaming the world map. However, they are often hidden by the fog of war as your heroes' sight radius is limited.
    • As your heroes always navigate their way across the land, any Marauders encountered will now have their presence shown by a shadow. Step into the shadows and hunt them down!


  • Honor levels
    • The amount of honor needed to ascend to new honor levels has been adjusted in order make the transition between early honor levels smoother.
Post any questions or feedback you have regarding this update here. I will of course keep you updated as I know more in terms of downtime.

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