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The best leaders are those that realize that sometimes even the smallest details can be the difference between winning a battle or returning in a casket.  To have every advantage possible, you must rely on your greatest minds to Research ways to improve your Military.

This weeks update introduces the Military Research Tree and some new animations. Continue reading below for more information.


  • Military Research

    • Are you almost done with the Economic Research? Then this update is especially for you! The Military Research Tree is now available, and will help you grow even stronger than before.

    • The Military Research Tree will include Technologies such as increasing Troop Loot capacity or health, increase Recruitment Slot capacity, Honor / Fear boosts, and much more.

    • The best lords will even have a chance to unlock an additional Hero for their Kingdoms.

    • Research can be started with Resources, and the time remaining can be skipped using Gems.

 User Interface / Gameplay

  • Animation of Defeated NPCs

    • We will implement new animation for the NPCs you have defeated in the battle.

    • After the battle animation you will see the NPC slowly dying on the ground.

  • Several Animations

    • We will add animations to following processes in game:

      • Assigning units to the Hero

      • Collect Coins from the Treasury

      • Using free skip


  • Hospital Slots Adjustments

    • Slots for healing in the Hospital are now more expensive.

    • They are now the same price as Recruiting slots.

As always, please leave any feedback or questions about this update in HERE. This update is currently planned for around 1500CET today, but could be pushed to tomorrow morning. I will keep you posted.


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    The game will be going down in about 30 minutes for this update.

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