What is the point of the numbers on heroes?

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As in the health + attack/defence
(overall number displayed in battles)
Just curious what is the point of them, because they are more or less pointless.
Seeing number vs number, but the higher number doesn't have any advantage if it's within 500k.
Just seems pointless to me, because more often than not if the defender has an advantage of around 500k or less in a big hit they will lose, simply because the attacker always has the advantage.

Just kind of misleading, I mean it gives you an idea of who's gonna win, but in close-ish fights the numbers mean nothing, would be more helpful if you had some way of knowing if you would win or lose.

Also, just curious but is there any chance of being able to see what type of troop someone is attacking with, to better gauge whether you will win or lose?
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