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Hello Legends,

Wars are raging on in our kingdom, while alliances are slowly tightening their membership bonds and stand their grounds against their strongest enemies. The time has come to step up the game and get involved in the battles of your fellow alliance members! Stand united, fight together, hold on - Support is on its way!

With this weeks update, we'll iron out some bugs, improve the look and feel of some game elements and, most importantly, make some changes that are going to mean the world for alliances, by alleviating some travel restrictions and adding ways to support alliance members in combat. Read the full patch notes below:


  • Alliance Support
    • You can now support your alliance members' heroes and castles in destruction battles, be they offensive or defensive! Join the fray!
    • Destruction battles can only be joined while the supported player's hero is still in the preparation phase.
    • A click on a hero or castle in preparation gives the option to join the upcoming battle - through either the support button or battle overview of the respective world map tile. A hero needs to be selected for those options to appear.
    • As soon as supporting heroes reach the battle location, they are also shown in the battle information window of this tile. Battle predictions are adjusted accordingly.
    • The fog of war continues to be very dense. Reports about alliance members' battles are still getting through to you, though. An indicator on the world map shows where a battle of your fellow alliance members is taking place.
    • Battle reports include information about all involved parties of the battle. Supporting players' units and hero are added.
    • Each supporter also receives a report about the respective battle. A new icon indicates that it was a battle they supported.

  • New assets for bakery and woodcutter
    • New graphical stages have been added for the woodcutter and bakery buildings to make building levels more distinguishable.
    • Existing upgrade stages have been changed accordingly.

  • Travel radius of heroes
    • Your heroes have been trained to ration food and plan movements with their troops a lot better than before.
    • The movement radius of your heroes has been doubled from 60 tiles from your castle to 120. Time to take revenge for that attack on your fellow alliance member!

User Interface / Gameplay

  • Honor display for enemies
    • The amount of honor your enemy gained in a battle against your hero or castle is no longer shown in battle reports to avoid confusion. You may still check the honor rankings in order to find out how much honor your enemy currently has.

  • Notification for events
    • Events now show an exclamation mark to notify you about their presence and their temporary nature.

  • Improved "Not enough Gems" dialog
    • Dialogs warning you about not having enough resources or Gems in order to perform an action have been improved.
    • These dialogs now explain what you can do in order to get missing Gems and offer the opportunity to purchase the remaining items.


  • Repeatable quests
    • XP rewards in repeatable quests have been decreased in order to maintain a steady and smooth level transition without too much of a discrepancy between castle progress and player level.

  • Doubling recruitment
    • Costs to double the amount of recruited troops have been decreased.

I hope you are all pleased with the latest update. As always, your feedback and questions are welcome here.

Your LoH CM Team

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