Official Statement Regarding Recent Major Changes to the Game

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As most of you already know, we have received a lot of feedback in regards to recent changes to some core gameplay mechanics, and decided that you as our community deserve a clear statement about the reasons and justifications for the changes, as well as the future of Legends of Honor.  
Just to be certain that everything is clear, we will first give a short recap of recent events. On Monday, an update was rolled out that significantly increased the time needed to recruit and heal units, decreased the amount of honor and fear daily decay, and increased tile bonuses from 15% to 50%. The response from the communities has been overwhelmingly against these changes, with some considering leaving the game altogether. While we understand these players positions, the decision has been made to move forward in this new direction.

Now we would like to dive into the reasoning for the recent major changes, and give you some insight into our decision making process. Data analysis has been always been a significant part of our game development process, and plays a major role in all of our game related decisions along with the feedback we receive from our players. Before any decision is made final, there are numerous meetings in order to examine all of these factors, and they are all taken into consideration.

With Legends of Honor, the idea was to create a new type of strategy game with an incredibly fast pace. The game has been this way since release, and quite a few of you enjoyed the overall speed. This however, is also where the first issue was identified.
The super fast game environment created a situation where active players were able to launch multiple attacks with no worries about running out of units. This means it was next to impossible to defend for any amount of time, and players were resorting to disagreeable tactics or simply letting their account burn itself into ruins in order to quit. This is echoed by feedback we received from some players that left the game, who said being even a little competitive, simply required too much time and effort.
Our data also showed that a very high percentage of players were logging back into the game after 12 hours with empty burning castles. This took away a lot of the fun for more casual players, as most of their time was spent making repairs. This again was asking for too much of a time commitment.

While we completely understand that the speed was the main reason some of you came to play the game, it alienated a huge group of players that just wanted the chance to enjoy our game without having to constantly be online. We believe that this slower pace is the best strategy for the future of our game, and are committed to the changes that have been made.If you would like to continue with us as we develop and grow this still very young title, please continue reading for some exciting news about features that are on the way.

We would like to end this by giving you an exclusive sneak peak into some new features that will be coming very soon, as well as a few things on the horizon. First, let’s start off with some of the new stuff that we will be introducing in the next few updates..

  • Crafting Equipment using materials received as loot. This feature has lots of potential, and we will be expanding on it quite a bit in the future.

  • The Healing system will be changing a bit, with 20% of units being auto-healed after defending your castle. The percentage of units auto-healed will increase with higher hospital levels. Healing time will also be reduced. This will lighten the burden the new slower recruiting and healing times have caused.

  • Shield of Peace, that can be purchased for up to 30 days. This was something that players have requested quite a bit so they can take a day off every now and again.

  • The Honor system will be reworked, making level difference not matter as much.

  • Many reductions to costs including recruiting skip, healing, doubling of both, coins, and resources.

Finally, here is an exclusive first look at some things that are in the production pipeline.

  • There will be new locations added to the World Map for you to explore!

  • Rumors of some extremely strong enemies that will require alliance help to conquer!

  • There have been rumblings that entire armies from far away lands will try to invade our lands.

These are just a few of the features that will we will be bringing your way in the near future, and we are looking forward to a more accessible game from this point on. Please keep in mind that we are still completely committed to Legends of Honor, and will continue to work on its development. While there could be some adjustments to the actual percentages of slow down, the decision to move in this new direction is final.

Please go to THIS DISCUSSION to share your thoughts and questions. Let's keep things civil and constructive guys.


Your Legends of Honor Team
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