Loot capacity

I check the army of one hero. To make it easier I made it  all level 9 Knights. they have a loot capacity of 45. There are 481 units shouldn't the loot capacity be 45X481= 21,645? When I go to the world map and point to this hero it has attack 90,531, defense 102,633 and loot capacity of 0/1,300. When I attacked a Mtn raider the loot capacity change to red and said 17,000/1,300.
I have 2 other heros like this and 3 that have the normal capacity.
This has happened since I open the game this morning.


  • Loi (DE1)Loi (DE1) Member Posts: 27
    this doesn't sound right, you should send a ticket to support
  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
    Yes, please send in a ticket to support with screenshots if possible. Could just be a display issue, but best to get it looked into.

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