Update 04.07.2016 - It's an Alliance Matter

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In order to become even stronger, the bonds within our Alliance must become like forged steel! We must all combine our Resources for the greater good, and will only become even mightier for our sacrifices!

This week's update introduces the Alliance Mail Storage and Research, as well a Shield of Peace that can be bought.  Continue reading below for more information.


  • Alliance Storage 

    • Players will now be able to donate Resources, Coins, and Gems to the Alliance Storage.
    • There will be an individual limit for each item that can be donated.
    • The overall amount of storage space can by increased through Alliance Research.
    • In the storage tab, you will be able to see how much each member of the Alliance has donated overall, as well as a weekly count that will reset at the end of each week.
    • Anything in the Alliance Storage can not be looted by enemies.
    • All donations are final, and nothing can be taken out of the Alliance Storage at any time.
  • Alliance Research

    • Alliance Leaders and Deputies will be able to use the donations in the Alliance Storage to Research various boosts for all members.

    • Research is not tied to any building, and is available as soon as an Alliance is created.
    • All boosts and bonuses will be summarized in the Alliance overview window.
    • All Research is paid directly from the Alliance Storage.
    • Only one Research can be started at a time, and once it has begun it can not be canceled.
    • Speeding up Research times can be done by using Gems from the Alliance Storage.
    • Some Researched buffs are tied to having enough Alliance Honor. If you are below the required amount of Alliance Honor, the buff will be disabled until you are once again over the threshold.


  • Shield of Peace

    • The Shield of Peace is now available to purchase with Gems!
    • There are 4 different packages to choose from; 8h, 24h, 3 Days, 30 Days.
    • The Shield works the same as the one that appears after defeats. This means you can still attack NPC's when it is active, but sending any attacks against other players will cancel it.


  • Further Work on Improving Overall Performance 

    • Phase 2 of the World Map refactoring is in the final stages.

As always, feel free to leave any feedback or questions in THIS DISCUSSION.


Your Legends of Honor CM team


  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
    This update will be going live in about 30 minutes my good people.

  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
    IMPORTANT UPDATE! Do not purchase the Shied of Peace more than once. They do not stack, but due to an error the game will let you buy more than one package at a time. You will only be credited with the first package you buy, and can not buy another until that time has expired.

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