Heal/Recruitment Times are key to Strategy for my daily play...

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So my question is when the heal/recruit times are going to be reduced??? I thought @CM Popeye had said that the devs had slowed the game too much. I have my HK hospital full of level 4 Long Swordsmen and it's going to take 8-10 hours to heal. I have 10 hours of food b4 my troops starve. How can I hunt villains for food and resources as well as support castle attacks on my teammates when I have to wait until 4am my time to heal my troops?
@CM Popeye, I'm not trying to be snarky...I just want an honest answer to this predicament. 
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    Today we will push out an update that will speed up the healing times a bit, and make the Training Grounds more effective.



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    @CatBooklady (US1)

    I saw a post from Popeye regarding this,
    CM Popeye said:
    While there may be some minor adjustments made to the recruitment and healing times, they will pretty much remain the same moving forward.


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