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Hey guys, Go ahead and leave any questions or feedback regarding our latest update in here.



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    Upon entering the Details Overview you will find all of your bonuses divided into two main categories; PvP and PvE.
    Well now I feel a little bit deceived because a prior update nolonger displayed equipment being categorized as PVE or PVP, it currently just tells: "Attack damage troops: +224 Points" and it nolonger mentioned versus marauders or players, so I assumed bonusses were nolonger divided into these 2 categories, so I randomly placed lots of equipment pieces onto hero's without being able to tell if they were categorized as PVP or PVE, so now I wasted lots of efford to get those equipment pieces to figure out later that a previous update flawed the game descriptions and suddenly brought back the PVE/PVP stuff which is in my oppinion obsolete to be honest, I mean whats the point, we really dont use one specific hero for PVE and the others for PVP... maybe some players use their best hero for pve, but in general all heros we have are being used in PVP attacks.

    So, the fact were not able to unequip faulty equipped equipments is just related to unfinished game mechanics or game limitations, so I suppose you wont loose another piece of equipment anymore when you replace it, especially not when the equipment is upgraded, so im curious.

    Yes, I deliberately not mention the training grounds and other recruitment time related stuff because i trust in you because you try to help us best possible, since your "just the messenger" it has no point shooting you in the forums, and also mentioning other parts of this update wont trouble our tunnelvision to complaint straight about the same thing over and over again without us giving feedback on the other parts of the update introducing possible new game errors.

    Also please consider scaling down the costs of gems of some premium buildings and add normal construction materials to their costs as some buildings became essential in gameplay and can nolonger be considered a pure premium feature

    Now I also got a suggestion regarding starving troops due to lack of food, if the player is offline and its food runs out, you should get a report to your inbox stating a overview of which troops were lost due to starvation, maybe also make it possible that troops dying from starvation will automatically be sent to the hospital until capacity was reached which brings me to my next question:

    Battle reports never show unit death's because the amount of unit deaths will be determined when the hero moves back onto its city and then the hospital will calculate the available spaces there compared to amount of lost troops, so if this is the case, why display stats for deceased units if it will never be used anyways?
    Also if I kill 4K units in 1 strike at pvp and that player's hospital can only hold 1K units, the report never tells which units died.

    and now some easy noob questions:
    > What is this world map refactoring thing? please explain further for noobs like me =)
    > when will this update be rolled out? because "this week" sounds kinda unclear
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    I have no idea what pvp or the others mean, when you are talking about equipment. 
  • LegendOfHonor (NL1)LegendOfHonor (NL1) Member Posts: 34
    pvp is you versus other players, pve is you versus marauders and other NPC's in the map
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    Hospital error "Argument parameter is not valid".  Cannot add units to healing que.
    Alliance diplomacy shows an existing war against unknown.

    Every upgrade comes with cockroaches in the game code,  you should hire an exterminator.

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    wont let me heal my men in hospital now......argument parameter is not valid.... is the message i get
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    ok so how long are we going to be down from this up-grade the last one took almost 2 days and we all lost a lot of troops because we could not get in to gather food
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    ok so how long are we going to be down from this up-grade the last one took almost 2 days and we all lost a lot of troops because we could not get in to gather food

    I believe you are referring to the upgrade that caused a 2 day system crash and subsequent roll-back that happened about a month ago. The last few upgrades have not taken more than a couple hours, if that.
  • Raffles (US1)Raffles (US1) Member Posts: 335

    Looks encouraging. I did not take notes before the upgrade, but I believe I gained 7 hours of food supply.

    I can now heal and recruit enough Tier II in one hour to load a level 24 hero. Much better.

    Also, I like that you can now see hero total strength from the Hero Information window.

    Map view changes will take some getting used to, I'll get back to you on that, LOL!

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    Fair is fair, the game seems to be more playable again. ( edit : a bit better, still takes almost a day to heal after two attacks )
    Not getting completely bored anymore.
    Still not sure what GG was thinking when they turned down the healing speed that much but hey, everybody makes mistakes.
    Some only more and bigger ones than others maybe.

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    THANK YOU!!  THANK YOU!!  THANK YOU!!   :) <3 :*
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