Update: 07.07.2015 - Time for an Upgrade

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This week's update introduces the Equipment upgrading, new hero Overview, and some important Balancing updates. Keep reading to find out more!


  • Upgrading Equipment

    • The ability to Upgrade your Equipment has finally arrived!

    • Your Equipment can be improved with the use of Materials. Glorious Heroes can Loot these Materials from NPC’s, but will not be lost in defeat.

    • Upgrading Equipment is quite simple. All you need to do is enter the Equipment menu, choose the item, and then click the “Upgrade” button.

    • For the time being you can only upgrade the level of Equipment. Tier crafting will be introduced a bit later.

    • There are two options to improve the item:

      • Basic (Upgrade) Costs coins, but there will be a chance it could fail. If the upgrade fails, the player will lose both the coins and Material, but the Equipment piece will remain in their inventory unchanged.

      • Premium (Secure Upgrade) This option costs Gems, but is guaranteed to succeed.

User Interface / Gameplay

  • Hero Overview

    • The Hero dialog menu has been reworked in order to more clearly display how your Equipment bonuses are distributed.

    • The Hero Characteristics button has been deleted, and there is a new Equipment category along with a “Details” button.

    • Upon entering the Details Overview you will find all of your bonuses divided into two main categories; PvP and PvE. These will each contain subcategories such as Offensive, Defensive, Tools, and Spoils of War.

  • Text changes

    • We will make small text adjustment and replace word “Grade” with the “Tier”


  • Training Ground

    • To compensate for the changes in Recruitment speed, the Training Ground bonuses have been adjusted.

    • We have drastically increased the values of this building for every level. .

  • Healing

    • Healing time has been slightly sped back up, and is now much faster than Recruitment in order to better balance the recent changes.

  • Pricing

    • Gem costs will be decreased for the following functions:

      • Skip Unit Recruitment

      • Double Units during Recruitment

      • Healing of Premium Units

      • Resource Packages (as well as fill all function from the Resource Trader)

      • Coin Packages

      • Skip missing Resources for buildings construction

      • Alliance research that increases the amount of resources deposited into the storage when a player donates

  • Bakery

    • Your Bakery has received some additional storage space for your food supplies, to accompany existing storage room of your Storage and Keep buildings.

    • On top of that, the Bakery will continue to provide bonuses to Food Consumption.

  • Quest for Fear monument

    • There are now additional Rewards for upgrading your Fear Monument in The Dark Marshes and Ice Storm Mountains.


  • Further Work on Improving Overall Performance
    • Phase 2 of the World Map refactoring is in the final stages.

As always, feel free to leave any feedback or questions in HERE.


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