Now Looking for Good Members To Be In Dragon Fang

If you’re looking to join us, you can post on this page, and find me, "MesonicDegree1" in Good game Empire and Legends of Honor!

Simply write a brief introduction about yourself, and what everyone else thinks of you. Then if you don't have an bad name, we will almost always recruit you

In order for this to go smoothly, here are a few basic rules to follow:

  • Players seeking this Alliance to join can post here. Alliance advertisements are allowed, but not too many.

  • Players searching for an Alliance should edit their posts to let leaders know once they’ve found an Alliance.

  • Players should not post anything else besides if they want to join Dragon Fang.
  • I will delete some comments or posts that are bad in some way.

That’s all! Have fun and join us for the next battle!

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