Awesome Deal for the Summer!

CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308

Rixty Summer Promotion

Enjoy a 5% bonus with Rixty + a chance to get 10 prizes of $9.99 !


Rixty and Goodgame Studios have partnered to give you special FREE bonus for Legend of Honor players who charge gems using Rixty!


The 5% bonus will automatic be added to your account. The $9.99 winners will be selected by the end of the promotion and be announced on Rixty Facebook page by August 22nd.


Promotion is valid between August 5th and 20th with purchase made through Rixty only. Use a Rixty account to spend cash for online games without a credit card. It’s safe and easy, there are no fees, and you’ll earn rewards for every purchase.

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