Recruiting for persons that need a place to rest and also willing to fight along with me.

attention new comers jump on the bang wagon.
     Asking to stand before you all, so I can be seen as a accepted me as a leader and fight.for to be count . it would be an honor ---but first let me give you some of my background. I am also a "LICENSED ORDAINED MINISTER''
This my name here  >>>>>>>Sir Lord Ray
 I am on this >>>>>>>>>>>>( Server US1<p>
Looking for good men and women to join my cause which will be yours also. cause we face them.
Looking for an alliance or Faction to join to belong to offer my talents and plunge forward with all i got where Loyalty - Honor -and- Respect (L.H.R) becomes our first priority in combat.  i must lay this down as a blue print of my abilities. resume. you see i am not new to these families ,clan factions etc. on mafia wars i have a mafia family , on mmorpg i have a clan well over 1500 ,i have generals,, 1Lt's , 2Lt's , Drill sargents and many more my men and women are well train the arts of war and with all forms of weapons of their of time frame. but they have advantage over some of there foe.  Oh They also have advantage over their enemy they can use magic and weapon at same time.                                           
                                                                         Signed: Sir Lord Ray
                                                                         Signed: Rev. Ray Pylant
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