Update: 16.10.2015

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The latest update has just been unleashed, and I hope you are all ready to continue on your quest to become true legends!

This week's update comes with several bugfixes, interface optimizations and more levels to conquer! Find the full patch notes below: 


  • New levels available!
    • The level cap has been raised to level 40! It's time for further improve your kingdom and gain even more strength to show your enemies who's boss!
    • New building levels and quests are available.
    • A new level bracket has been introduced to the rankings, containing only players above level 30.
    • The Resource Merchant's offers now scale according to player level and he now offers bigger packages for players above level 30.

User Interface / Gameplay 

  • Treasury
    • The coin popup shown as soon as coins can be collected from the treasury is now clickable for more convenience.
  • Build mode
    • When trying to place a building in an invalid area, the game now stays in construction mode so you can repeat the placement without having to re-open the build menu.
  • Free skipping
    • A new tutorial step informs new players about the difference in skipping for short (free) or long construction times (paid with Gems).
As always, you can leave us your questions and feedback in THIS THREAD!

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