Convert tile(s) to time

I'v been using different methods to convert tile to time.   The map layout, via, ICE, HIGH or MARSH has x amount of tiles.
This sets up the edge, boundaries for the playing field. When you attack or move a castle it is the mapping, coordinates of the tile that indicates placement of the castle and distance of the troop must travel.

Does anyone have a formula, conversion to map tile to time? 


  • Raffles (US1)Raffles (US1) Member Posts: 335

    There is a limit to how far troops can travel. Beyond that, time is rather irrelevant.

    To figure it out, scroll your map in a straight line away from your highlighted hero, either straight north, south, east or west. Click on the map to make the circle appear. If the boot is not grayed out, scroll farther. If it is, follow the yellow line back until it isn't. This will allow you to find the limit.

    At that point, you can hover over the boot to see how much time it takes (which does vary by fear and honor level), determine the coordinates of the start and ending tile, and calculate from that.

  • T Gautham (INT1)T Gautham (INT1) Member Posts: 53
    You can find the distance between two tiles by using a formula..Let the two points be x:y and a:b
    the formula is: Square root of (b-y)the whole square + (a-x) the whole can find the distance between two tiles and the time by attempting to move your hero there and then divide these two things (the time in seconds/the distance between tiles)to get the time taken to travel one tile by your hero
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