Introducing Player: Bavaria

Hello, I have been playing these type games for decades, but new to this one.

I am retired, disabled US Military after 26 years of service, live in Virginia, USA with wife of many years, and a Chihuahua with an attitude!

I have a few questions please:

1.  Any daily prizes for logging in, or future contests upcoming, such as Halloween, etc.?

2.  Can a player be eliminated from the game by another player capturing his castle?

3.  I assume the limit of alliance members is 50, with that, can we have a market to trade resources with ?

thank you,
Hello, pls join the Nico alliances !


  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
    Hey there! First of all, thank you for your service. I will do my best to address your questions.

    1 - I can't tell you fro certain, but I am quite sure daily log in prizes will be put into the game soon. There will be events taking place in the game for sure!

    2 - No, a player can not be eliminated from the game.

    3 - A resource trader is another thing I can not promise will be in the game, but I am quite certain will be.

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