September Improvements

Here is a list of improvements:

1. Fix the shields, any player should not have to be hit by the enemy 3 or 4 times taking resources without a shield being given by the game! It happens way to often to players on all sides and alliances.

2. Fix the send resources: I have been told that I am not alone, but even if I am this problem should not occur. When you send resources to another kingdom, sometimes (more often for me) one has to refresh the game to see it. On more than one occasion I have lost resources even after refreshing. Yes I submitted a trouble ticket but beside the we received your ticket email nothing happened.

3. Honor: When attacking the prompts tell you if you will lose or not gain as much honor. The problem is this that what you are told doesn't always happen. Yes I submitted a trouble ticket but doubt I will hear more than the first email saying they received the original issue.  Must be a dead letter email department someplace!

4. When a fight is going on it is difficult to post hero honor and maintain the integrity of the fight. Is there a way that the player could accept this honor at a time good for each player rather that in the middle of an assault?

5, Recently the server had had a great deal of lag! When fighting is occurring, and sometimes even when it isn't players are just frozen out of the game. Most often a reboot does the trick but not always. Last night in the space of 30 minutes I bet I had to reboot 15 times. Way too much and you can't tell what fights are current, what the honor or even name of the opponent is sometimes and other critical information.

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