lost gems/iron

   I paid gems to move 30k iron from Ice to HK. both are now lost in limbo, I would like my gems returned ( exact amount uncertain)


  • Raffles (US1)Raffles (US1) Member Posts: 335

    You have to file a ticket with Customer Support. Link is on HOME page here.

    I suggest you give an exact amount. I think it's the same amount no matter how much you move, 240 gems perhaps? If not, make up something reasonable, they need numbers to do anything.

  • EnBard (US1)EnBard (US1) Member Posts: 2
    Come on guys, fix the frickin connection issues, refreshing every two minutes is old. It's a good game that I enjoy playing, it just suks not being able to stay connected. It isn't a browser, computer or internet issue, it's a game problem, I had someone watch my acct for a few days and they had the same problem. Fix it already. 
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