Update - 28.10.2015

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Greetings Legends! Check out the new features available to you after our latest update. Go out and get more honor!!

Knowledge is power. And with great power comes... great victory!
The more you know about your enemy, the higher your chances to succeed in battles against even your strongest enemies. What if we told you that you can now estimate some of your enemies' strength at the glimpse of an eye? And to top it all off, you can even earn more honor when beating your foes!

Our new update comes with several updates to existing features, bug fixes and a new building that will boost your honor gain in attacks against other players!


  • More information on the world map!
    • Player and NPC levels are displayed at all times in order to make it easier to find enemies on par with your own strength.
    • There is now a unique color coding for several map elements. This will make it easier to distinguish your own castle and heroes from enemies, alliance members and NPC's.
    • Tooltips for world map tiles add additional information about what is going on in the hovered over area. When hovering over idle heroes, you can see their respective attack & defense power, as well as estimates on their loot. NPC's only display defense power.
    • Whilst battle preparations are underway, attack & defense power for the attacker and defender are shown to everyone.
    • For attacks against castles, the remaining preparation time is visible for everyone. For clashing heroes, the remaining time is only visible for those involved in the battle.

  • New Building - The Honor Beacon
    • Would you like to increase your honor gained in offensive attacks against other players? Then the Honor Beacon is just the thing for you!
    • Just like the Training Grounds, the Honor Beacon is a premium building with several upgrade stages.
    • Each upgrade stage increases the amount of honor gained in successful offensive battles.
    • This unique building cannot be demolished or damaged in battle.

User Interface / Gameplay

  • Looking for alliance
    • It's now easier than ever to find an open alliance to join!
    • Since castle relocation is now available, the list of available alliances within your faction now contains all available alliances on the server - no matter their distance to your own castle.

  • Marauder visuals
    • Marauders now have 5 slightly different models, representing their strength.
    • Each model has changes in armor to indicate how difficult the Marauder will be to defeat, changing depending on their level.


  • Coin price
    • Get more bang for your Gems! The Coin/Gem ratio has been adjusted to give more Coins per Gem invested.
    • This change takes effect on the Resource Merchant, whose package prices have been lowered in accordance
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