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Hey Legends, Take a look at what our latest update will include. I hope you like all the changes and fixes!

A traveling blacksmith from distant lands has hitched up outside your castle, hearing of your triumphs across the kingdom. In exchange for coins and gems, he'll provide you with some of his most advanced tools; unit boosters that can easily turn the tide of battle in your favor. Even the strongest of armies can be bolstered by the might of technology!

This week's update contains several changes inspired by user feedback, including balancing changes, bug fixes and a new event offering and putting a lot more focus on war assets to help your army in battle. Find the full patch notes below:


  • New Event: The Traveling Blacksmith!
    • Wayland, the traveling blacksmith, knows that cutting-edge war assets can bring about a turn in the tide of battle. He offers you his finest unit boosters, in exchange of for coins and gems.
    • When Wayland temporarily visits with his portable forge, you can obtain unit boosters of all types.
    • Grade I unit boosters are available for coins, grade III unit boosters can be obtained with Gems.

User Interface / Gameplay

  • Prime Times & Prime Days
    • Word about special offers spreads quickly among your citizens.
    • Prime Times are now also shown on the world map, so you will not miss any deals.
    • Prime Day deals have been adjusted to offer more variety and great rewards.

  • World Map
    • Due to extensive feedback, text on the world map has been decreased in size.


  • Unit booster improvements
    • Unit boosters have become more powerful in order to have a bigger impact on battles.
    • Booster effects were increased, even in low tool levels. Battle calculations have been adjusted accordingly.
    • There are now more booster levels to unlock.Due to this, the Smithy has been reworked to have more building levels.
    • Upgrade times and costs for unit boosters were adjusted in accordance to all aforementioned changes.

  • Upgrades to units grade II and higher
    • From grade II onwards, your units have become more powerful! Changes do not apply to Armed Peasants.
    • Units of grade II and higher have become stronger, with increased power and health.
    • Recruitment times and costs have been adjusted for all unit grades, causing units of grade II+ to give more of an advantage with their recruitment times.

  • Penalties upon lost castle defense
    • A good leader knows: defending your castle should always be a top priority in order to not harm your citizens spirit and productivity!
    • The amount of potential burning buildings after a lost battle has been increased. In turn, repair costs and times have been decreased in accordance to these changes.

  • Quest reward improvements
    • You now earn more Coins for finishing quests with PVP objectives. It's time to recruit more units and keep the battles going!
As always, go ahead and leave any questions or feedback HERE.

Kind Regards,
Your LoH Team

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