Update 10.12.205

CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
Greetings legends! Check out what this latest update has in store for you.

This week we are focusing a lot on feature optimizations and technical improvements of behind the scenes mechanics. 

Feel free to take your time for preparations on what there is to come: pack your bags and ready your troops for the next big adventure! In the meantime, we will organize all the rest. Until that is done, please find the patch notes for the current update below:

User Interface / Gameplay

  • Progress timers
    • Progress timers showing progress on constructions and recruitment now display which action is taking place (instead of a generic text about the action).
  • Go to hero/castle
    • While on the world map, you can now directly go to your selected hero by clicking the crosshair button in the hero selection menu.
    • In case no hero is selected, this button will take you to your castle.
  • Food consumption
    • A healthy army needs food. When food consumption is negative, numbers will be displayed in red.
    • The food production tooltip offers a new category. It shows an estimation on when your food reserves will be depleted with current production amounts, causing desertions.
  • Not enough resources
    • The dialog shown when there are missing resources for an action has been updated to include all possibilities to earn more resources.
  • Traveling Blacksmith's unit boosters
    • The tooltip provided when hovering over Gregorio's unit booster deals now provides more information about the respective war asset.
  • Marauder's damage warning
    • In case the power of a Marauder is higher than your own, a warning will now be displayed, showing you that engaging in the planned battle might lead to big losses.
  • Honor titles
    • As soon as you reached an honor level rewarding a title, this title is now displayed atop the screen, where your personal honor is displayed.
As always , feel free to post any questions or feedback HERE.




  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
    Hey legends, Due to some technical issue, we had to postpone this update. I will keep you posted as to when we are going to roll it out.

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