I finally figured out what the wooden shields were for -- but not much else.

I'm enjoying this game -- I want my name changed to 'crispy critter' though. LOL  

Do recruits have to be assigned to a Hero to protect the castle or just be in the castle having been recruited?  I had two successful hits on me today and thought I was well protected.  I'm obviously doing something, probably a lot, wrong.  I guess I will have to have my 'fire lit' a few more times to catch on. LOL  What is the best allocation of recruits to be well protected from attacks along with the boosters needed?  Thanks. 


  • SmokeyAnon (US1)SmokeyAnon (US1) Member Posts: 347
    I can hold up to 4,000,000 defense. Simple build farms get recreuit units and assign to hero after that keep recruiet watch ur food thats all..
    Hello, My name is Smokey. Private Message me if you need anything within the game. PS: I don't work for the company.
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