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Hey guys, Please leave any feedback or questions about the new direction of the game in here. Let's try to remain calm and constructive. I completely understand that this is a hot issue, but we have to maintain some order here in the forums. I thank you in advance for your honesty and patience.



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    since you have totally changed the way the game is being played, who do I contact to be reimbursed for the money I have spent???

    I have all my receipts. and I want my money back.
    You are welcome to contact support, but I can tell you that this claim will be denied. You purchased in game currency from us, and this currency was then used. Changes to the game now did not have any affect on these purchases, so you are not entitled to a refund.

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    Maybe we can show GG who matter here

    let's create OUT OF SERVICE1 2 3 4 5 6...
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    i was one that had to repair on a daily bases, then i figured it out. all you had to do is once a castle burns make the peace time 24 hrs or till that castle attacked, that part you have already. that i can live with, these other changes you have done has ruined the game for the many to make the few happy. well who they going to fight now? AI? on to search for a new game, wont see me anymore once WE find a new game to play. so long
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    i see gg rather listing to the crybabies who rather or spend more time playing candy crush or farmville....ohhhh wait candy crush is a faster pass game then this......its all about the money with gg....the cry babies never complained about  the gitche an bugs.just about the attacks...welll the got there way....suck it up princesses an go back an play farmville...oh waith this is like farmville ....have fun alll off to a new game
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    Doom !!!! This should be the new name of the game !!!
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    You can talk about crybabies if you want, but I watched an entire alliance get burned for days 2 weeks ago, joined the mega-hive for protection, and spent the next 2 weeks burning again. Yesterday they shut down their alliance and went home - it was not because of the game changes, I assure you. 

    Didn't see any of them on here crying about it, either. 

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