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  • Saimaidar (US1)Saimaidar (US1) Member Posts: 421
    Honor loss should be a flat rate across the board for all honor levels or at most  no loss for players under level 20, 2% for players under level 40 and 4% for anyone higher.

    You should also never not gain honor when defending yourself or your allies.
  • BlackWaters (US1)BlackWaters (US1) Member Posts: 10
    I have touched basis on every update they send our way and every new glitch, and eevery post had been removed so the people are left clueless, im sure as you watch on the bottom of page 1 of this topic, it will be deleted aswell.  thats gow they show u they want your "brute honesty"

    they want you to see the "brute honesty" they want you too and delete the rest since it shines light on thier actions   

    Good Games in a very UNHONORABLE opponient and THEY lose -100% honor
  • ahm3 (US1)ahm3 (US1) Member Posts: 21
    so much bugs and glitches.
    can you find any positive feedback when you make changes in game?
    maybe better you ask player in advance for how to change program and find the way before you loss all of players.
  • Genevive (US1)Genevive (US1) Member Posts: 8
    I see these honor symbols all over the map, but they're so random. Some on castles, others on trees with no castles around.  There's no rhyme or reason to it either, the castles that should have it on them because they obviously are "honorable hits" don't.  

    New "honor" thing sucks.  I just did a hit that netted me a whopping 609 honor, where as just last night it would've been worth a few thousand.  But yet, the honor tax is still at 4%....that really needs corrected.  

    Haven't noticed any automatic healing on troops.  But have noticed the heal and recruit times still suck in ice and marsh. 

    It is nicer to have the marauders showing with their levels so I don't have to waste time walking around aimlessly only to find level 1 and 3 marauders.  

    The vaults, ehhh can take it or leave it.  Think more focus should've been on the known glitches than creating new stuff.  Like the saying goes, if it's not broke, don't fix it, but yet, seems like more and more just keeps breaking around here with these updates......

  • legends of honorless
  • flyingpig (US1)flyingpig (US1) Member Posts: 50
    While honorable targets are easy to find, there are far fewer of them for higher level players.  It also appears the drop off in honor is severe.  The balance between honor an level may need adjusting.

    Also, was there any adjustment made for honor given when the attack is initiated by a low level player but the supporting players are much higher?

  • Saimaidar (US1)Saimaidar (US1) Member Posts: 421
    This update did not fix problems it made it worse, not only am I still being attacked by lower level players but now I gain no honor defending myself.

    How am I supposed to maintain my honor ranking if my troops are being wiped out and I am gaining no honor in the process?

    Why won't you listen to your players complaints and actually address them instead of just saying you will fix the problems and instead make it worse?

    I do appreciate the fact that you improved secure storage and made repair times more reasonable but hospital healing times are still not where they were before.

    While I also appreciate that you have increased the shield of peace times over a few patches the increased healing and especially the increased recruiting times take away from the usefulness of the increased protection time.

  • Haidut (BG1)Haidut (BG1) Member Posts: 3
    The honor update for the battles is really a kind of a joke...
    I would hardly keep my honor any more... I don't know what you guys are trying to achieve, but it really sux....
  • trog65 (US1)trog65 (US1) Member Posts: 1
    Can you please explain to me why I cannot move my castle in HK for the past 2 days
  • Cerjio (US1)Cerjio (US1) Member Posts: 46
    I think you guys could have left it as is before the update but make it so you can only attack 5 lvl's above your lvl and attack only 5 lvl's below you  That will fix most problems.  The leader of Steel Lions attacked somebody 10 lvl's below him and still got honor for that?  There is where the problem lies, not the honor ranking.
  • flyingpig (US1)flyingpig (US1) Member Posts: 50
    While you did mark honorable castles to hit,  you didn't mark heros. You guys really don't seem to think things through very well. 
  • MorganaLeFey (US1)MorganaLeFey (US1) Member Posts: 36
    SERIOUSLY?!! ARE YOU PEOPLE ON CRACK!!!?  Already screwed up the game w last updates with healing and recruitment time and NOW your screwing with peoples honor??? This is only going to allow low honor players to hit those of us with decent honor  - which by the way we worked Hard to get! You've made it IMPOSSIBLE to gain Honor for those of us that have it!! So sorry I ever spent a CENT on the this game. 
  • lmfboom (US1)lmfboom (US1) Member Posts: 14
    Legends of Farmville is what this game is turning into because you guys literally dont give a single fuck about your loyal players. you people at GG need to stop playing with each others assholes and get rid of these useless updates. fix the healing times and get rid of this new honor system you thought was a great idea but turned out to be another flaming hot pile of shit. CAN YOU LISTEN TO US FOR ONCE? this is ridiculous its one shitty update after the other. you'd probably have less bitching in the forums if you actually gave a fuck about what the people want and not about how you guys can trick people into buying more gems.
  • Raffles (US1)Raffles (US1) Member Posts: 335

    It doesn't make any sense to me.

    I am a level 45 Marshal, with around 3M troops. I am looking at Neighbor camp: 'V' is lvl 43, Field Marshal, 1.3 M in troops, and he has the symbol. 'A' is lvl 42, Castle Marshal, 3.5M troops and 'H' is lvl 38, Lt General, with 3.4 M troops, all targets for me.
    But 'M', lvl 45, General, with 3.9 M is not, yet 'S', lvl 65, with 10M, this I can hit? (Don't worry 'S', I won't)

    None of these potential targets have been recently burned, either.

  • Rambo4 (US1)Rambo4 (US1) Member Posts: 225
    edited 20.07.2016
    @Raffles (US1)

    Don't worry my opponents are myself, and people that are A) already burning with 100k troops or 15 levels lower then me with next to no honor (even with the crap symbol on them I'll lose honor when I click on them) What a garbage update.

    But hey what's that over there? A level 6 marauder with a honorable opponent symbol on it, guess that's my real opponent now.
  • RAIL ROAD (US1)RAIL ROAD (US1) Member Posts: 23
  • Saimaidar (US1)Saimaidar (US1) Member Posts: 421
    Okay yet another attack from two players, I fought off over a million points in troops and gained no honor this is bullshit.

    Why do you keep insisting on screwing up your game?
  • ahm3 (US1)ahm3 (US1) Member Posts: 21
    can u find out why there is not even 1 positive feedback?
  • Burnitall (US1)Burnitall (US1) Member Posts: 5
    You know what makes a good game? A game company that listens to what its players want, looks at social trends inside the game, looks at core mechanics and alters them slowly, like a surgeon making small adjustments over time, focuses on fixing glitches first before expanding with new content, provides new content that is relevant and exciting. This 180 on the honor system mechanics is mindblowingly poor judgment on behalf of whoever gave the nod to include this in the new update. I am praying this gets fixed asap. Ive gone from playing like alot lol to nothing...
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