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  • lmfboom (US1)lmfboom (US1) Member Posts: 14
    im not sure what data you have to check when you have the whole comments section of this forum is bitching.EVERY update you guys do the forums are filled with angry people. CLEARLY THERES A FUCKING PROBLEM but of course you guys will "look into it" and your understand our frustration when its pretty obvious you couldnt give a single fuck about what we think. 
  • FrostQueen (US1)FrostQueen (US1) Member Posts: 58
    You know... I was just thinking. Popeye you say you're checking on the data. Maybe you're not checking on the proper data. As for the growing pains. You probably wont see much growing and for pain, the only pain I see for the game in the future is that of slow death as obviously I'm not sure what you are seeing but as a game as I've said before - AND - I've played for MANY MANY years, this is not how you treat people that pay you for service. With this many people in the forum that are disgruntled, how many do you think just stopped playing or don't know how to get into the forum to post their dismay, or just read the post? Have you EVER thought of ALL of those people? How about that for data?
    I've just had 4 people in the last 30 minutes quit an alliance. How about that for data. And I've had many other people mailing me from other alliances telling me they are on the last straw.
    Data...... you want data????
    I'd figure that that's plenty of RAW data for you right there to ruminate on. And that's a microcosm of what is going on.
    SO..... if you want to keep pondering your data you carry on and watch the game die a slow and sad death. It will go the way of many other games. It was a good "concept".
  • Rambo4 (US1)Rambo4 (US1) Member Posts: 225
    Just wanted to add, I'm really loving how when you click to hit something it just says you'll gain less honor, but then when you hit destruct/assault it says you'll lose 20% honor, cool.

    JK, what a downgrade instead of just saying whether you'll lose honor or not on the first screen.
  • FrostQueen (US1)FrostQueen (US1) Member Posts: 58
    Alright enough is enough. I just battled in MY OWN CASTLE. NO SUPPORTERS And got -0- Honor. For someone Attacking me. I loses MY troops, spend MY coins for YOUR "DATA PLAN"???? Go and sort YOUR DATA out Popeye. I don't care who the top server player is. It already says who that person is if you look at the server and see who the KING is. Maybe that Data doesnt compute with you folks or maybe you're trying subtrifuge but if I'm getting no honor by defending my castle with MY troops I'm not happy.  And you're bloody data is flawed. Get off the stick and re-look at something besides the funny papers because this isnt a joke anymore. It's really Legends of No Honor.
    I can see the Data right in front of me. Have the report. No honor troops gone.
  • Cerjio (US1)Cerjio (US1) Member Posts: 46
    @CM Popeye /rolls eyes.  I think you pretty much said the same darn thing about the health timers increase, just changed some of the words a little.  Why don't you stop saying things like that and do something about it?  Come on.  Last time we saw that, 2 weeks later and a small healing decrease was done.  High lvl people can't find targets, even a friend of mine that is lvl 23 which has marshal rank can't find any targets because of her honor rank.  You telling us that you understand, then do something about it instead of saying it.  What's that saying goes?  Oh yes, "Actions speak louder than words"  All you do is talk, you don't show any action.  I don't accept what you say anymore.
  • Saimaidar (US1)Saimaidar (US1) Member Posts: 421
    Fixing the Honor system in a way that will make YOUR CUSTOMERS HAPPY:

     Players are penalized for hitting anyone higher or lower than them by ten levels.

     Players always gain honor when defending their castle or an allies castle.

    The only time you can attack a player more than ten levels lower than you is during a twenty four hour retaliation period after that player attacked you.
  • BlackWaters (US1)BlackWaters (US1) Member Posts: 10
    I guess the big pink elephant in the corner doesnt exist. That's a big shame. Those level 20's that are being hit by those level 50's don't matter to MR. Popeye and the devs of the game. ADDRESS THE PROBLEMS OF THE GAME. TO HELL WITH  "Oh I have crappy targets" At least you've got a target to hit.
    When some of my people are being anialiated by farmville experts that have sat on their behinds instead of working the honor system and have 1.5 - 2 mil honor and 6 mil troops at level 50 and smack the crap out of people that have worked hard leveling, and working castles at level 20-25 there is a problem. FIX THE DAMN honor /hitting system. IT is TO WIDE.Level to honor wise. At level 20 you cant logically hold 6 mil troops on one realm. IMPOSSIBLE. Not by yourself.
    I've seen the post of ....we'll check our data. Data my behind. Check your people that play the game and see the exodus of disgruntled players that won't be coming back if something is not sorted and soon. Shiny gimmies are not going to keep them entertained ( the nominal little gifts that were given for a day).
    I am a higher level, and i was around when there was no borders or bounderys

    when a lv 20 could attack a lv 10 and be puched thru buy lv 50s, 

    as with many of us higher levels, we put in our time, some for a year or more, we put in our beatings as well as we took our beatings in the old game of straight warfare and no rules of engagements was around, we stuck thru it, we was dedicated we poored our sweet, our blood and our time , much more time than the new members of this game thats complaining about being hit by higher levels. 

    i do agree theres a issue, a MAJOR issue on this game, its called being governed by politics. And like in real life, politicions are only after the money, goodgames is your polititions here, their main intrest, money thru people buying gems.

    you cant get honor noe since we made these updates, but hey fear not, "here is a exclusive offer just for you, 100k honor for a mere 9,800 gems!

     drop the rules of engagement and let the people on the game work it out and set their own rules of engagment as it was in the begining, and drop the new updates govenerning the rules, and let it sort itself out on the game as it once did in the past.

    history repeats itself and in the history of all man, government, only gets in the way, what starts as to protect the people, always ends in forcing the people into poverty on here that would be honor proverty"

    at level 20, you may cannot carry a big load of troops, but u have many and multiuple targets you can hit. use those troops, rebuild them, repeat it, wash it again, rinse it again and repeat it. at lv 42+ you have Mere of few targets you can actually hit, id love to have my account back to lv 20-30, i hate leveling becouse with each new level comes that many more fewer people to even maintain daily honor decay.

    Reset it back to the fun days, back to the days where low level people cant just storm in and u have to sit and watch them without being abole to attack them before they hit your castle. Back to the days where dedication , sweat, time invested, ment something that showed ur dedication. 

    to all those lower level guys out there complaining, yaw have no idea how easy you have it now compaired to what us elders endured to get to where we are to get to our level, to get to our honor ranks, 

    just to have all that sweat poured into this game taken away by the young guys that wants things easy

  • lmfboom (US1)lmfboom (US1) Member Posts: 14
    these guys must be pulling all this data out of their assholes because clearly, the data is flawed. everything we tell you we need you do the exact opposite. you ask for our feedback and then you ignore us. maybe if you guys got your heads out of each other's asses you'd get a better understanding of what is actually going on in the game. more people are quitting the game because you guys keep finding ways to fuck it up more than it already is so thanks a lot, GG. Because of your shitty updates and your "data", my teammates and many other players are leaving because it's obvious that you guys don't know what the fuck you're doing.
  • Strider6 (US1)Strider6 (US1) Member Posts: 2
    well said  Blackwaters completely agree played empire there other so called game they drove that one to the ground and the same thing is happening to this game GGS does not listen nor care about there customers
    one good thing about all this is i have a choice and spend my time and money somewhere else im just glad i did not invest a lot in this game like i did in empire  learned my lesson first time around dealing with GGS
  • Gnomer (US1)Gnomer (US1) Member Posts: 6
    I posted this yesterday but it's disappeared. Lame.

    I quit.

    I dealt with y'all jerking around the recruitment times by using the university research and that made it tolerable. I reconfigured my army to rely on lower level troop that I can recruit at honor level 14 so that I'm not so dependent on the hospital. I reserved my tier III and IV troops for major team raids because the pack the most punch and I can leave them in the hospital for longer. Fine, what ever.

    Now the honor system makes NO sense. I used to be able to find targets using the player ranks to spot players ranked higher than me, nearby, with a pretty even number of troops. Those made for good fights and it was fun. I didn't mind when other players burned me because I had my best troops in the hospital (safe) and the rest were disposable.

    This most recent change did two things for me: 1) I have ZERO confidence that the game mechanics will ever be stable so I feel REALLY good that I decided to wait for stability before I gave you any money, 2) I have NO confidence I will ever reach the honor level needed to recruit tier III and IV troops, so I really have nothing to look forward to in this game.

    So I quit. There are plenty of other games like this one. I'm sure one of those others has developers who don't change the rules in the middle of the game. The game had potential but y'all gotta stop changing the rules.

  • AlexHU (HU1)AlexHU (HU1) Member Posts: 37
    edited 21.07.2016
    Where is EMM77 from the WordWide individual ranklist? He has over 10,8 million honor. He is on the HU1
  • Saimaidar (US1)Saimaidar (US1) Member Posts: 421
    edited 21.07.2016
    Okay yet another castle wiped and I gained no honor who in the hell thought this was a good idea for players to GAIN NO HONOR when DEFENDING THEIR CASTLE FROM AN ATTACK??????

    What is wrong with your game designers when I do not gain Honor after being attacked in a game called LEGENDS OF HONOR??????
  • Derpy Duke (US1)Derpy Duke (US1) Member Posts: 6
    wow  nice

    new updates new bugs, plus same old bugs

    i am level 41  being farmed by lev 25-56   take your pick

    why bother  no one is listening

    time for a new game


  • Cerjio (US1)Cerjio (US1) Member Posts: 46
    Here is something that I'm noticing in my own alliance.  We keep getting new players but after a day or two, they stop playing.  In about a week, I have removed hundreds of low lvl players from my alliance to hope for some active ones.  Just today, I removed 15 new players that haven't been active in the last 5 days.  Take that info in because even the new players see what is going on.  GET THE HINT!!!!
  • ahm3 (US1)ahm3 (US1) Member Posts: 21
    the simple thing is calculating distance
    it work in high but when we go to ice and open ranking table , all distance are wrong !!
    when a program can not calculate simple distance how it could calculate a complex honor in a battle?! could you give us your formula for calculating honor in each battle please? 
    please go back and before any new change in your full of bugs program, first solve previous bugs...
    in new update I hit some troops free player for food and resources and they did not burn!! and I can hit them 2-3 times !! this is only one example of more than hundred different bugs .!!  in each update instead of solving previous bugs you add some more new bugs to it, and also you change base lows of game which a player plan to play in more than one month... you said that you are using data !! when you change the basic and initial lows of game and it cause to stop fighting and playing of most player, which data do you use?! data of stop game ?!!
    you see that there is issue from all level player with high and low level of honor,... maybe you need to change your system annalist or your programmer or maybe you need shout down completely your server....
  • Rambo4 (US1)Rambo4 (US1) Member Posts: 225
    If you take a look in you're alliance members list, there is now a bug with honor being displayed incorrectly, and will display you're honor as 0 or a few thousand instead of the real amount.
  • ahm3 (US1)ahm3 (US1) Member Posts: 21
    maintenance again, without any warning, u do awesome GG ..!!
    and we will see more bugs after this, LOL
    so I think after this maintenance I can hit only myself .. !!
  • MorganaLeFey (US1)MorganaLeFey (US1) Member Posts: 36
    CM Popeye said:
    Hey guys, All I can say in regards to the complaints of people not having any good targets to hit is that the team is keeping a close eye on the data we get back since the update. If we do see that there is indeed a significant drop in honorable attacks, or attacks in general, then there will have to be some adjustments made.

    I completely understand the frustration That some of you have with the changes going on in the game. I would only ask that you stay with us as we adjust to the recent major changes that were made. There were always going to be some growing pains, and we are working our way through them atm.

    Really?? Keeping an eye on the data?? Do any of you Actually PLAY the game with these horrible updates or just throw them out there?  You don't understand "our frustration" at all. It is Empires all over again. Which really blows,  because this started out as a really fun game, but you have systematically ruined it, one update at a time!! "Stay with us"?? Well a Lot haven't, and those of us that have, well you just stuck it to us again!! Most people I have spoken with are looking for a new game. But I guess like the last update, in a couple of days you'll tell us all "this is the way it's going to be, too bad"!!  "Growing Pains" - more like Death Throes!! 
  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
    Hey guys, there is currently a bug that causes defenders in castle battles to not gain any honor, anf the team is working on getting it fixed.

  • kapn_jack (US1)kapn_jack (US1) Member Posts: 62
    other than changing the honor bug for castle defenders, PLEASE DO NOT change the new honor system ..i love it & my honor has never been so high ..those who complain just arent smart enuf to figure it out & only need sum1 to blame other than themselves ..thanX again :smile:

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