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  • CatBooklady (US1)CatBooklady (US1) Member Posts: 75
    Unfortunately, I cannot stay on the game for 8 to 10 hours watching the hours and seconds count down while 1400 long swordsmen heal after 5 minutes of fighting villains or 1 attack or 1 or 2 castle support actions in each realm. Level 3 swordsmen also take about 5 hours to heal. And please don't tell me that I can heal my troops w/ gems - I know that. Yes, I'm a daily player, but I am not financially able to spend cash on a game that I used to have fun on. Now, I'd rather watch grass grow. At least I'd be getting some Vitamin D outside with my Kindle.
    I'll still around for a few more weeks to see if the heal/recruit times are lowered. I can understand the change for the casual player that logs onto the game every 2 or 3 days, but what about those of us who spend 4 to 5 hours a day on the game?  healing 190: 1 hour = level 4 troops, 45 min  = level 3 troops  35 min = level 2 troops is way too long. So I basically chat with my teammates or rearrange castle. While I love my teammates, I twiddle my fingers because I can't do anything that will add to my wounded troops. And yes, I know I can buy gems and get Level 5 troops, BUT I CAN'T AFFORD to buy the GEM PACK.
    The heal times as they are have severely hampered my ability to play L of H, since I get all my wood/stone and most of my food from villains.Now I am having a hard time upgrading buildings and getting enough food to keep my troops fed for at least 18 hours.  L of H used to be fun, but is now a tedious game that players are leaving. We lost another player from our alliance last night and I was teary-eyed...
    Even a 50% lowering of the healing times would be helpful (still too long, in my humble opinion). Ideally, heal times would be back to what they were, but I could at least play the game then. And forget about the tourney...only those cash players can do well since they can purchase the gem packages w/ the big troops.
    @CM Popeye  please consider a revision to these heal times. I understand the developers won't go back to the original times, but please, please consider a 50 to 75% reduction in the current heal/recruit times.
    I'm not understanding "the digging in of the heals" stance of the GGE developers regarding this issue.

    As to the new update? I STILL CAN'T AFFORD GEMS to buy a Shield of Peace. The new Alliance stuff? L of H will be lucky if there are any Alliances left by Labor Day, unless you count those Alliances that have big cash spenders...Then, who'll they be attacking or declaring war upon? Will they splinter off and cannibalize their former teammates? Have the developers thought about this?
  • MATIX (US1)MATIX (US1) Member Posts: 2
    Money generated doesnt come from the physical spenders. It comes from the people that are constantly here fighting to catch up with the spenders. A big spender will spend more to maintain his status and comes and goes and he pleases. First time spenders or now and then spenders may spend if its appealing enough, but are the ones that are here keeping the alliances alive and chatty.
    Your shield of peace is way over-priced and even your spenders will allow themselves to be burnt and fix it when they get back. Need a stackable 1 week for a person can go on vacation at a price people are willing to spend.
  • Gill210 (US1)Gill210 (US1) Member Posts: 21
    ok - another glitch for you to fix.....

    just donated over 60,000 to the alliance storage yet records show I have only donated 16000 - why?

    and another glitch.............

    are you aware that when trying to 'research' anything the numbers of resources needed decrease at an alarming rate so you don't actually know how much you need?
  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
    Hey guys, I just wanted to jump in and answer a few questions I have seen in here.

    Alliance research can be started with resources, and the time skipped with Gems. Coins are noot required to start any researches.

    We know about the decreasing resource count in the research menu. This is a display glitch, and the cost actually remains the same. The team is working on a resolution for this issue.

    An update will be going live today that increases the speed of healing a bit, and also increases the effects of the Training Grounds on every level.

  • LegendOfHonor (NL1)LegendOfHonor (NL1) Member Posts: 34
    and I suppose the training ground wont cost resources but gems only? abit extreme to pay 70K gems for next TG level, perhaps cut down on gemcosts and add normal resource costs to some premium buildings if they are essential, like the bakery, hospital, training grounds
  • Sir Trog (US1)Sir Trog (US1) Member Posts: 11
    I still don't understand why you take 5% of the honor that i have earned every night you make me have to go out and attack attack and attack to build up my honor so you can take it away every night then this healing time thing be real while attacking a castle and healing troops i can eat lunch go brush my teeth and take a dump and then when I'm done i still have to wait 5 minutes LETS START GETTING REAL GOOD GAMES.
  • T Gautham (INT1)T Gautham (INT1) Member Posts: 53
    Guys,NEVER ever buy a piece of shield,make a low level account of rank 10 which can be made within 20 minutes,and then attack your high level acc. with whatever you can,then,remove the heroes from your castles,and hide it in the woods,you get to lose,and get shield of peace,also,donate your resources to alliance storage or send it to other kingdoms,so,you only have to repair towers,which are very cheap and fast to repair
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