Christmas holidays

I have told OO not to hit anyone active from Dec 23-26 and only attack if attacked.


  • Caladon (US1)Caladon (US1) Member Posts: 2
    edited 25.12.2015
    Nice to hear that. It will be a nice break for some.

  • tellgryn (US1)tellgryn (US1) Member Posts: 12

    I have given OO the ok to hit Ghost clan as they made the choice to hit OO from their leadership.

    It appears some just love events to much.

  • SmokeyAnon (US1)SmokeyAnon (US1) Member Posts: 347
    Always drama in the game lol :D 
    Hello, My name is Smokey. Private Message me if you need anything within the game. PS: I don't work for the company.
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