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  • Re: Daily Tournament

    Yay for consistency.

    and apparently I am misspelling yay?!?
  • Mega Alliances and the future of Legends of Honor

    Would like peoples thoughts on the mega-alliances.

    I think Dark Marshes gives the best examples of this where there is almost literally a no mans land between two of the mega hives.

    I was looking around Dark Marshes for someone to attack and at my current level I can either attack the rogues mega alliance Aegis or one of the alliances that is allied to one of the alliances I am on good terms with.

     I am curious is this the future of the game join a mega alliance or either hide in your shell like a turtle or burn constantly because you are outnumbered and dared to attack someone or heaven forbid you accepted someone into your alliance that another player has an almost fanatical hatred of?
  • Re: Real Time Updates

    Just curious ff you can still log onto Legends of Honor?
  • Re: What is the strategy?

    My level is part of the problem I am far higher level than the rest of my alliance.

    I do far too much building, upgrading and villain hunting for my own good.
  • Re: My Gems keep disappearing..

    Just out of curiosity have you by chance healed any tier V or Tier VI troops as these cost gems to heal?

    Have you upgraded any buildings that require gems?

    Did you possibly hit the quick heal or quick complete buttons in either hospital or barracks?

    Did you produce any Tier two or higher boosters or upgrade any Tier two or higher booster?

    Did you use gems to send resources or troops?

    If none of these apply then  your best bet is to submit a ticket to customer support.