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    Popeye and developers hear my words, you all are idiots for not listening to us, the players who made this game what it is. Sure you made have made it, but we continued it. We have asked you to change the times back to normal, and you have not done so. We deserve our voices to be heard, and you have not listened. We all deserve better than this. I leave today. And return, I shall not. Popeye and developers, I am appalled at your stupidity and your arrogance.
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    Popey You stated in your statement that casual players were spending most of there time making repairs which was asking too much of a time commitment. But doesn't taken 30 plus minutes to heal troops take up there time. Use common sense. Think before you act, You guys just made the game longer for the casual player thanks for that I'm so appreciated that you and your team have screwed us all good luck in the future with your games
    I agree. Unless you are a gemmer then your screwed. You won't be able to recover in time before your peace shield goes down. Most of your troops will still be in hospital. Healing and recruiting is now very time consuming and takes a lot of commitment, the very thing that the developers wanted to fix, instead they just made it worst. With shorter times for attacking, healing, and recruiting, everyone had a chance, now unless you are a gemmer, then you are going to be farmed. And while I do believe that gemmers should have certain advantages over others cause they paid money in order to get the gems, I do believe that the common player should have a chance to prosper in the game. With the old recruit and heal times a none gemmer could have their troops ready before the shield of peace went down, it took about 10 mins or less to heal and 7 mins or less to recruit, nice and short times. And it was the same for everyone, gemmers and none gemmers alike. And us none gemmers had to wait for the 10 mins, which was okay cause it was short time. If the gemmers didn't want to wait, then they could drop some gems and skip the 10 mins, but its nothing for them, cause its chump change to them. Now it takes longer for everyone. It takes 30 mins to heal units and 15 mins to recruit, and for us none gemmers, this is bad. If we get burned then we might as well move our castles, cause we can't rebuild our forces within the shield of peace time. And when it goes down, we will be attacked again, and basically we will be farmed. Now on the gemmer's side of the fence its different. They get burned, they drop gems and instantly heal their troops and they drop some more gems and instantly recruit, and they can do this all day long cause gems are chump change to them. They had the advantage with being able to instantly build buildings in their castles, and I was fine with that. Like I said, they deserve some advantages. But having fast recruit/heal times was ours. Did the developers really need to take that from us too? Now with longer recruit/heal times we have every disadvantage, and the game is unplayable for us none gemmers.
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    (Popeye) "The decision is final."
    "Indeed Popeye, indeed it is.... now where was that last nail for the coffin? Oh here it is." (thump).

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    Popeye I don't understand why the game hasn't been changed back to normal yet. Haven't you shown the developers this, have you told them to look at all of these negative comments? Have they seen all the players leave? If they have not seen this, then you need to shown them asap. If they have seen this, then the developers need help cause they are crazy for ignoring all of this.
    This whole situation reminds me of Gordon Ramsey on Kitchen Nightmares or Hotel Hel. You know how in just about every episode Gordon has to deal with a restaurant owner who doesn't want to change the way they are running things, even though they are thousands of dollars in debt, and Gordon has to keep saying "This isn't going to work. If you don't change, then your restaurant will close." And at the end of the show, if they listened to Gordon, then they will prosper. However if they ignore his advice, then their restaurant closes shortly after. This situation here is just like what Gordon has to deal with. So developers listen to us, cause we are Gordon Ramsey and we are saying that this isn't going to work. You can either listen to us, and return the game back to normal, and prosper, or you can ignore us and this game will soon perish.
    This decision, and ignoring us "is illogical" (Mr. Spock).
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    I have invested a lot of coin into my knights trying to level them up to high levels, that took a LOT of coin and time. And while at the old heal/recruiting time, I could heal them up fast and go back out attacking other players, and supporting my alliance members in combat. Now they take 40 minutes to heal. And a very long time to recruit them also.So I had to dump them, now I am working with horsemen. Because of this bad decision I was forced to trade out good units for poor ones. Is this fair? No! I put much time and coin into my knights to make them good and I should be able to enjoy them. Change the times back! When I first started playing this game the attack times were 2-7 minutes, the heal/recruit times were short, and the game was fun. I thought to myself, "yes, this is going to be one of my favorite pastimes." And I was hooked on the game. And I grew very quick in the game. But now, the game is boring and slow. Developers change things back to normal!