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Can't login

i m frm INT1 server and i can't login i see black screen and nothing my network is very fast and i am from india please help 
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  • Lynne (GB1)Lynne (GB1) Member Posts: 2
    Hi, I am having the same problem for the last two days what is happening ??????
  • Seriously, doesnt anyone read other threads???? 

    The whole lot of Legends of Honor is down, and has been for over 30 hours. No one know how or why or when or if it will get fixed. Please just be patient and hope the nerds at Good Game can and will fix it soon
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  • boss2 (GB1)boss2 (GB1) Member Posts: 4
    Yes we read the threads, but a lot of us would have hoped the nerds would have said something on here, anything is better then being ignored 
  • Assassin68 (GB1)Assassin68 (GB1) Member Posts: 21
    Hey guys, Sorry for the late response. Yesterday was a holiday in Germany, so I was not aware that the game had gone down until today. The servers had some technical issues, and shut down around 0400CET yesterday. We have fixed the problem, and are performing a server rollback now. I will post a statement with more information shortly. 

  • leen444 (GB1)leen444 (GB1) Member Posts: 3
    I am afraid that an informal sorry isn't good enough, compensation please!

    Surely a company as profit making as this has people on standby at all times?

    There are tens of thousands of angry customers/members worldwide wondering why no contact and that will leave the game if not compensated in a proper way, this is serious.

  • Drake (INT1)Drake (INT1) Member Posts: 33
    Hahahahahahah Wait and see what they offer! It will almost certainly be rubbish unless they have changed their tune after the debarcle on the UK server when this happened! There they gave us a 100K silver and some food - too lazy to work out everybodies losses.

    It was like - ok everybody is in the same boat so it does not matter. Like saying here is a small plaster whether you have a graze or a huge hole in your chest.
  • CM Popeye posted a new announcement about it
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  • Drake (INT1)Drake (INT1) Member Posts: 33
    Yes he has but wait until they make the annoncement on their def of "compensation" lol. They still owe me over 12,000 level V and VI troops from when it happened on the UK server.
  • T Gautham (INT1)T Gautham (INT1) Member Posts: 53
    i m frm INT1 server and i can't login i see black screen and nothing my network is very fast and i am from india please help 
    Please use another browser,or clear the cache memory of the old browser
    And iF you can,join the alliance INDIAN ARMY
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