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Update 22.07.2016 - Message the Masses

CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308

In the fog of War, communication can be the difference between victory and defeat. A true Leader must be able deliver clear and concise instructions to all those under their care in order to sway the battle in the right direction.

This week’s update introduces Alliance mail, Upgradeable Cave and other small balancing features. Read on to find the full patch notes below:


  • Alliance Mails

    • Deputies, Diplomats, and Leaders can finally send out mass mails to their entire Alliances!

    • To send a mass message, simply enter the name of your Alliance into the recipient field.

    • You can not reply to mass mails, only read them.

    • The icon next to the subject is the golden Alliance flag.

  • Upgradable Cave

    • Each time you send the Hero to explore the cave you will also get XP points.

    • Reaching set milestones will automatically level the Cave up.

    • The higher the level of the Cave, the more resources you can get out of it.


  • New quests for Vault

    • You will be able to earn additional Rewards for upgrading your Vault.

  • Alliance Donation for Low level Players

    • From now on only players level 10 and higher will be able to donate to the Alliance Storage.

  • Alliance Prime Times

    • There will be a certain percentage of additional Gems put into your Alliance Storage when they are purchased during these Alliance Prime Time periods.


  • Further Work on Improving Overall Performance

    • This time a new version of the game will be included which will improve the overall performance.

As always, feel free to leave your feedback in THIS DISCUSSION.


Your LoH Team
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