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Important Announcement Regarding LoH Web

CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
edited 09.09.2016 in Official Announcements

Hello community,

As we are sure many of you are aware, Goodgame Studios has recently undergone a sizable restructuring. This has had an effect on many projects, and unfortunately the browser version of Legends of Honor is among them. Moving forward, we will no longer be developing the web version of LoH, and will instead focus completely on the mobile version of the game.

What exactly does this mean for the web version? This means there will be no further updates for the time being, and no new content or features introduced. In addition, there will be no further bug fixes except for in extreme situations that will be handled on a case by case basis.

The good news is that we will keep all of the servers open so you can continue to enjoy the game. We will also continue to support the game through our support team.

We understand that this is not pleasant news to receive, but is a decision we did not take lightly. We would also like to add that is not necessarily permanent. If we achieve our goals on mobile, we will then be able to shift certain resources back to the web version. We thank you very much for your support of our game, and hope you continue to game with us.

Feel free to discuss this HERE.


Your LoH Team
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